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The expertise of New Advert’s partners in the use of new technologies gives you the edge in a highly competitive e-environment and offers you the possibility to establish a direct communication line with your audience as a whole in a very short time period. Our team guarantees impressive and fully measurable results.


  • Online Campaign Planning & Activation

  • Social Media Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

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Promotion Campaigns

ΣIn New Advert promotional actions cease to be a throughput process and become an art (δημιουργική απεικόνιση της λέξης art). We make sure that your messages reach your commercial and consumer target audiences directly and creatively based on the needs and quality standards specified by you.

In New Advert we make sure that your material reaches your existing and potential clients with promptness and professionalism, through our team of experienced associates that will cover all your needs.


Μέσω μιας σειράς στρατηγικών ενεργειών επιτυγχάνουμε την   εμπορική ανάδειξη των προϊόντων σας με τελικό στόχο την   αύξηση των πωλήσεων. Through a series of strategic actions we achieve the commercial distinction of your products aiming at   the ultimate goal of increasing sales. 

  • Merchandising and sales teams

  • Staff disposal for ad hoc actions

  • Immediate back up and replacement of staff

  • Management and distribution of P.O.P. material

  • Reporting

  • Ability to provide special merchandising application, ordering e.t.c.



New Advert’s team consists of well acknowledged partners in the marketing field as well as highly experienced and skilled professionals, who can meet the highest requirements. Through their talent, know-how and experience they are able to "transform" your business goals in images and messages, which will allow your company, its products and services to establish the status they deserve.

Design and production of print material


Promotional gifts


Graphic Design


Creative Proposals


Web-design and website creation


Our large and experienced team of associates


The speed and reliability of our

distribution process


The nationwide coverage we offer

Our continuous process control mechanism


The detailed reporting-feedback


The prompt and direct staff replacement procedure for ad hoc promotional actions


The instant and versatile confrontation of any unpredictable factor through the implementation process

ΑThrough the mapping of your needs we are able to choose to most efficient method (door-to-door distribution, through mail box or through high traffic fixed points) that will provide the desired results.


Our competitive advantages:


The team and the associates of New Advert implement a wide range of additional services covering every aspect of the projects we undertake, in order for them to be completely successful and provide maximum benefits to our clients. These benefits generate added value as well as instant fulfillment of your needs.


  1. Promotional Event Planning

  2. Project Management Services

  3. Exhibition Production / Promotional Roadshows / Promotional Material Production (Roll-up banners, P.O.P material, Stands etc)

  4. Media Shop Services

  5. Above The Line Advertising (tv, radio etc)

  6. PR Services

  7. Mystery Shopping




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